Modern lifestyle

Modern life is busy with work, lifestyle pressure and social responsibilities. Still, people easily follow this beautiful religion because it is deeply rooted in our mind, blood and soul. We Hindus share a core of rich, poetic and complex traditions in India in spite of that we are proudly following the world's oldest religion, its rituals & traditions, beliefs & practices. because we have strong foundations through our writings and interpretations of our Scriptures. Our Objective through this organisation is to educate the people of India and world with the information that can help better understand the significance of the Hindu festivals, Solar and Lunar movements, the significance of days, months and years, Karwachauth, Goverdhan Pooja, Sheetla Ashtami, Basoda Poojan, Guda padwa, Savitri Pooja, Mahalya Amavasya according to Hindu practices.

Our Motive

Our Motive is to address the doubts about the Hindu religion and practices through this Organisation. We will try to provide you with the best practical explanation of India’s oldest literature and how useful it is in the Modern world. India is a democracy where everyone has the right to ask questions as we belong to a highly intellectual society and it is normal to ask the questions. Our youth has so many questions about religion and through this organisation, we want to give them a platform where youth can send their questions directly to us.

Hindu Religion

Hindu religion is not founded by anyone- but it is the result of religious beliefs, philosophical schools. More than 1 Billion people on this planet are following Hindu Religion, this religion has influenced a way of life not just in India but also in Indonesia, USA, UK, Fiji, Guyana, Canada, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Africa. Hindus do not have one Holy book but thousands of Sacred Literature. We were invaded by Greeks, Scythian, Turks, Persians, Afghans, Mughals and the British. But what is the reason why this unique culture always remained the Dominant Religion of India? Let us help you understand this in the most creative way.


Hinduism always teaches compassion, love and humanity. With the course of time, some people introduced practices which does not support the values of Hindu religion. Therefore, the main objective of our organization is -

• To promote Dharmic values amongst the youth
• To make all the Dharmacharyas of all the sampradayas (religions) of Hindu Dharma stand united.
• To make significant attempts in the removal of social evils.
• To generate awareness about Sanatan Dharma

Vision and Mission

Hinduism is not a religion, but it teaches us a way of living life in harmony with nature- this is the message we want to spread in society. With this vision, let us live and follow the Sanatan dharma practices.

The mission of our organization is to serve and protect Hindu dharma. We are working to strengthen all the Hindu organizations across the globe which will help us to promote values and practices of Sanatan Dharma amongst the people.

We would like to spread its beliefs and practices globally. We will make all the Dharmacharyas of all the sampradayas of Hindu religion to stand united and work cordially. The continuous efforts will be made in removing social evils existing in the society like untouchability, discrimination on the grounds of caste, color, creed, and sex. We want to serve the society and work for its welfare based on the ethics of Bharatvarsha. Therefore, we are working at the grass-root level to cultivate the feeling of self-realization and religious pride.

About us

We are a cultural and social organisation registered with the government. We are highly committed to the welfare of all the Hindu communities all around the country. A very owned and a team of dedicated volunteers working for the social cause with their voluntary services and efforts. We follow all the variants and perspectives of all the philosophies that are transferred to us through generations. We preach on Hinduism, one of humanity's oldest religion.

Our Objectives are to create proud, self-respecting, and valiant Hindu society. The objective we serve here is to consolidate and serve the Hindu society. To make them learn the ultimate goal of life- Atma Janana or self-realisation. We want to make a very active, endeavouring, and effective presence in protecting the Dharma and give a group effort in every town and village for the noble cause. Also, we have a wide spectrum of our service projects in the field of health, education, self-empowerment, etc.

We always put efforts to unite the younger generation towards the Dharmik values and grooming them from the grass-root level. Also, there are no severe or bounded rules here. Individuals can choose any way that suits them the best.

Now why we always lay attention to promoting Sanatan Dharam? What is the significance of encouraging the youth towards such an old belief? So, let's dive into the deep roots when and how it gained its place.

Before getting started, let's start learning about the word Sanatan dharma- it is the oldest living religion, as many scholars say, which induces a lot of customs and beliefs in it. Being one of the most popular and dominant religions in Southeast Asia, it's many sacred texts (mostly in Sanskrit and vernacular languages) served as a medium of spreading it at a global level. As of the start of the 21st century, it has almost one billion supporters on a world graph and is the religion of about 80% of the population in India.

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